2017 – The Year in Review

A lot has happened in 2017 and with just a few days remaining in the year, I wanted to take a look back at this incredible year.

First Quarter 2017 – January, February, March

The first quarter of 2017 I obsessed a lot. What is there to obsess about? Well, I obsessed about marketing my book, THE PLOT IS MURDER which was scheduled to release on November 28th. Would anyone buy the book? Would they read it? Would it be successful? What is success? You name it, I obsessed about it. I reviewed sample marketing plans, joined author groups (Facebook, Authors Den, etc.) in the hopes of learning how to promote my book. I figured out how to Tweet (well, sort of). I created an Instagram account (still working on this but it’s out there). I completed book #3 in the Mystery Bookshop Mystery series (The Novel Art of Murder) and sent queries to try to sell my other series (RJ Franklin Series).


Second Quarter – April, May, June

I moved, always stressful, but thanks to good friends, it was a little less painful than normal. I submitted a proposal for books 5-6 in the Mystery Bookshop Mystery series (they accepted 2), but totally rocked my world by asking if I would submit a proposal for another series. I did, because… well, duh and thankfully, it was accepted. I signed a three book contract to write the Dog Club Mystery Series with Kensington’s eBook press, Lyrical 

Underground (Book #1, In the Dog House releases in August 2018). I got offers from two publishers for my RJ Franklin series  (it’s nice to have choices). I signed a 6 book contract with Camel Press for the RJ Franklin Mystery Series.

During a moment of craziness, I signed up to have author photos created.  Thank you to my hair stylist, Shona at Headquarters in Cleveland, TN and my fashion and makeup guru, Sophia, for answering my last minute S.O.S. The pictures came out great! 

This was definitely a good quarter. I worked the day job and spent my nights writing. I did find a little time to for fun (thanks Shelitha McKee and Sophia Muckerson). I also welcomed a new addition to my family.  Meet Kensington, “Kenzie.” She is two-years-old and will be the inspiration for Aggie in the Dog Club Mystery series.

Third Quarter – July, August, September

I started working on promoting THE PLOT IS MURDER. I participated in my first Facebook book promotion (thank you, Lena Gregory). After the first one, the others were a lot less stressful and I’d even go so far as to say, I had fun. I, like most writers, am an introvert. So, talking to people isn’t easy. However, typing is a different story. I’ve met people online, Jerri Cachero, Karen Owen, and Colleen Finn, who have used their platform to help promote my book. Thank you!

The home stretch – October, November, December

This is always a very busy time for me, even when I’m not faced with a life changing event. My dad, my nephew and I all celebrate birthdays in November (the Scorpio force is strong in this family). This year my good friends, Shelitha and Sophia decided we should celebrate with a cruise to the Bahamas. It was AMAZING! Four days totally disconnected from the internet and the outside world, plus fun, fun and more fun. I’d post pics but what happens in the Bahamas, stays in the Bahamas. Let’s just say, we had fun. When I came home, it was time to get ready for the book release/book signing. Thanks to Kelly Flemings at the Chattanooga Barnes & Noble – you were wonderful. The book signing was great. Tons of my wonderful, work family came out to support me and made me feel so special. Thanks to Shona for help with my hair and Sophia for all of the great ideas and pictures.

As 2017 winds to a close, I stand in amazement at all that has transpired in twelve short months. Whenever I had doubts or questions, the right people came across my path with the right answers or a word of encouragement. If anyone doubts that dreams can and do come true, please direct them to this blog. Because, having my book published has indeed been a dream come true.


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