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In the Dog House – Lyrical Underground eBook

coming in August, 2018

 After two children and twenty-five years of marriage, Lillian Echosby’s husband has decided to trade his 40-year-old wife in for a 20-year-old exotic dancer. Initially, bereft at the idea, Lillian comes to realize the end of her marriage can be the start of a wonderful new life. She decides to exchange the cold mid-western winters for sunny Eastern Tennessee. She reaches out to her old college roommate, Scarlet ‘Dixie’ Jefferson for information about Tennessee. Dixie, an avid a dog lover, trainer, and competitor, arrives unexpectedly to help Lillian move. However, before they can get packed, Lillian’s husband is murdered and the police believe Lillian is the prime suspect. Can Lillian prove the police are barking up the wrong tree and find the real killer?


The Pet Cam Murder

Lillian Echosby is settling into her new life in Eastern Tennessee with her new puppy, Aggie. When she has to go away for a week of training for her new job, she has to figure out what to do with Aggie. If her friend, Dixie, weren’t away at a dog show, she would have kept Aggie with her pack. Unfortunately, Lillian has to consider boarding options. After extensive research, she chooses to board Aggie at an exclusive luxury kennel with private air-conditioned space, television and a pet cam so Lillian can keep an eye on her. When Lillian logs into the pet cam late at night and sees a murder, she is understandably upset. However, when neither the kennel nor the police believe anyone was actually murdered, Lillian is labeled a crackpot and dismissed. Even Lillian begins to doubt what she saw until one accident too many leads her to believe the killer may be after her. Can Lillian figure out who was murdered and who the murderer is before she becomes the next victim?


A Non-Sporting Murder

When Lillian Echosby is asked to foster a poodle rescued after its owner, Harrison Littlefield, is found dead, she is thrilled. She shouldn’t get attached, but who can resist that cute little face. She and Aggie fall head over heels for the little poodle and she quickly adopts the dog. She names him after another of her favorite mystery writers, Rex Stout, and her little pack is complete. However, Rex seems to be attracting a lot of attention. When she is offered an outrageous sum of money for the dog, she becomes suspicious. After an unsuccessful attempt at dog napping, she begins to question whether there was more to Mr. Littlefield’s death than first suspected, and why is someone trying to nab the little poodle?