Mystery Bookshop Mysteries


Kensington Trade Paperback November 28, 2017 

After Samantha Washington’s husband dies, she decides to quit her job as an English teacher and follow through with their dream of opening a Mystery Bookstore.  However, when the realtor who listed the building for sale, and tried to stop Samantha from purchasing, is found dead in the back courtyard, the police think Samantha is a good suspect. With the help of her grandmother and her friends from the retirement home, Samantha sets out to find the murderer.

Opening a mystery bookstore is only one half of Samantha’s dream. The other half of the dream includes writing a historic British cozy.  This unique mystery series will include two mysteries – the one in the book, and the one being played out in real life.

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Kensington Trade Paperback April 24, 2018 

MISU is undefeated thanks to Samantha Washington’s tenant, baker and local football hero, Dawson Alexander. When his ex-girlfriend, Melody Hardwick is murdered, Dawson is arrested. Samantha’s sister, and lawyer, Jenna Rutherford, agrees to represent Dawson. But it’s up to Sam, her grandmother, Nana Jo, and the girls from the retirement village to use their connections to find the real murderer. At jeopardy is more than just a winning season, a football scholarship, and Dawson’s freedom. Failure to catch the real killer could cost another life.

Edward the VIII abdicated from the throne to marry American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. Germany has rearmed and is threatening Poland. Britain is on edge and the world is on the brink of war. Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor, attempts to help England avoid war and secure prominent positions for her and Edward by negotiating a diplomatic solution. When Wallis’ maid, is found murdered wearing the duchess’s clothes, the Marsh’s must determine not only, who the intended victim was, but must catch a cunning murderer and avoid a catastrophe that could send not only England but the entire world into another war.

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The newest resident at Shady Acres Retirement Village, Maria Romanov, is a phony. From her fake Russian accent to her fabricated pedigree as descendant of Russian Royalty to her fictitious romance with the late King Edward the eighth; everything about her is a bogus fabrication. Gourmet meals and a giant leap to the top of the wait list for a larger apartment are just a few of the perks Maria has garnered for no apparent reason. Despite a lack of talent, she is awarded the coveted lead role in the Shady Acres Follies, a role which has Nana Jo has played for years, that’s the last straw and the ladies have a large, public argument where a number of people heard Nana Jo threaten to kill Maria. So, when Maria is murdered a few hours later in a locked room, Nana Jo is the prime suspect. It’s up to Sam and the girls to find the real killer.

Lady Daphne Marsh is expecting His Grace, James Browning the Duke of Kingfordshire, will propose marriage. Wanting to make a good impression on the duke’s mother, Lady Daphne travels with Lord William and Lady Elizabeth Marsh to Chartwell House, the home of their cousin, Winston Churchill, for a house party, where the duke’s mother, Lady Alistair is visiting. When the Churchill’s only son, Randolph, arrives with an unsuitable woman who decides to set her sights on the duke, the atmosphere becomes extremely strained and Lady Daphne’s behavior is odd, to say the least.  When the young lady is found murdered in a locked room Daphne is the prime suspect. Can the Marshes clear Lady Daphne’s name and prevent scandal falling on the already beleaguered Member of Parliament, Winston Churchill?  

 Scheduled to be published December 2018 by Kensington Books